Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill Restaurant in Destin

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Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill Restaurant

(850) 269-6100
4251 Legendary Dr, Destin 32541
Hours: Not Currently Available

Vacation to Florida Keys is a complete fun and entertainment. If you are going with your pre-schooled, younger kids or grandparents, you need to find the right night time entertainment for all. Do not worry about it. Fish Bowl Bowling alley offers the best night entertainment for all from kids to grandparents. Instead of going out to bars or movies, it is worthy to visit this bowling alley for total fun and entertainment. Fish Bowl Bowling is situated on 83.2 Mile Marker Overseas Highway in Islamorada. It is a bit difficult to locate the place as you will find the board written ‘Bowling’ on the road. Take a turn here to find Fish Bowl. If you are tired in sun or on the beach, it is the right place to cool down and have a fun. The bowling alley has old school plastic seats, clown shoes but computerized score board. The arcade here includes plenty of games equipment from racer car games, to air hockey. At Fish Bowl, pool tables are arranged in separate room. The small restaurant and bar here serves good food like hot dogs, chicken fingers, burgers and a variety of beers. Fish Bowl offers great fun not only to kids but for all. It will take you back to being a kid and you will enjoy bowling or playing on pool table. The staff at Fish Bowl is very friendly and attentive. The venue is made available for wedding events, private get together or for groups. Fish Bowl provides plenty of games and alternatives to spend great time with your friends, family members and enjoy your vacation. So, if you are in Keys take a stop on 83.2 Mile Marker on Overseas Highway and have a fun with your family and kids.
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