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Sugarloaf Airport Sky Dive

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of skydiving? If you are in Keys, it is the perfect location where you can go for this adventure without any hesitation and enjoy the beautiful sight of Atlantic Ocean and Key reefs. Sugarloaf Airport Sky Dive has been offering secured skydive services with its safest equipment and experienced instructors. The center has impeccable record for safety. The diving center has team of qualified instructors certified by USPA (United States Parachute Association). Enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience and thrill of falling at the speed of more than 130mph. Once the parachute opens, you can float on air for five to seven minutes and watch the spectacular views of area underneath. If you are going for the skydive for the first time, it is obvious that your heart pounds when you jump from the plane and you will surprise with the great speed you are falling down but suddenly the parachute opens and you thrive with floating experience. Just watch the stunning views of Florida Keys. It is a breathtaking lifetime experience. You can view Seven Mile Bridge, dolphins and tropical birds from the sky. Sugarloaf Lodge is associated with the airport and you can avail accommodation and other services. The tiki bar here offers great food, drinks and live music entertainment. Besides skydiving, you can enjoy plane rides here. Choose from sunset tour, Key West, lighthouse, Boca Grande tour at Sugarloaf airport. These 35 to 60 minutes tours bring spectacular views of Atlantic Ocean, Key reefs, Mexican Gulf and even you can watch dolphins, sea turtles from the plane. Sugarloaf skydiving is well known for its safety records, so do not miss your lifetime experience in Keys. No doubt, skydiving and plane tour makes you Key’s visit memorable forever.
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