Square Grouper Bar and Grill in Summerland Key

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Square Grouper Bar and Grill

(305) 745-8880
22668 Overseas Hwy, Summerland Key 33042
Hours: Not Currently Available

Located on Overseas Highway, on Kudjoe Key, Square Grouper is a great treat for foodies. The restaurant is popular for its quality food, innovative dishes and tasty drinks. The square bundles of weeds were dumped by smugglers which were caught in fishing line and hence the name Square Grouper is given to the restaurant. The bar has spacious indoor area decorated artistically with wall paintings and arts. The hanging wooden fish mural grabs the sight. Square Grouper offers a wide variety of seafood and other dishes. The favorite dishes of visitors include Coconut Shrimp, Fried Conch, Grouper Sandwich, Conch Chowder, Key Lime Pie, Chipotle Pork and many more. The restaurant is good place for lunch and dinner. The lunch and dinner menu serves variety of dishes including soups, seafood dishes like Seared Tuna, Fried Calamari, Shrimp Cake, House Smoked Fish Dip etc. along with variety of sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages. Square Grouper offers exciting homemade desserts menu including Bread Pudding, Chocolate Fondue, Magical Brownie etc. along with famous Key Lime Pie. It comes with special Childrenís menu offering Pizza, Chicken/ Fish Fingers, Pasta and other kidís favorite dishes and beverages. Square Grouper provides special offers like Blue Plate Special $10. The bar offers collection of wines and micro-brews. Dining at Square Grouper is a pleasing experience with clean and cozy ambiance, delicious food and friendly and prompt services. You can avail take-away services. The store at Square Grouper comes with Tees, fishing shirts, visors, hats, thongs and other articles. The gift certificates of $25 to $200 are available at the restaurant. So, if you are traveling in Lower Keys, explore this hidden gem and you would definitely like to come here again and again.
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