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(305) 664-3225
81600 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada 33036
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Pierre’s Restaurant in Islamorada is a treat for food lovers. Located at 81600 Overseas Highway, it is a two story colonial style house on the bay. The restaurant has pleasing ambiance with leather sofas, green lounge, and rattan chairs. Pierre’s has glorious exteriors with palm lined beach and walking paths to the beach through beautiful tropical flowers. The restaurant was started in 1999 and executive chef Jouvens Jeans has dedicated his culinary skills and experience to offer world-class dining experience. The specialty dishes at Pierre’s include Australian Lamb, Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna, Norwegian Salmon, Valhorna Chocolate and many local dishes like Black Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Filet Mignon, Yellotail Snapper etc. The restaurant remains open on Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm and on Sunday it remains open from 5pm to 10pm. So, it is the best place for dinner and to enjoy the evening on the bay. The dinner menu comprises soups, salads, appetizers and other dishes. Pierre’s restaurant has spacious indoor and outdoor area with beautiful views. It does not offer take away services. The place is perfect to celebrate special events and celebrations. It is made available for private parties, wedding parties or business functions. The staff here is friendly and prompt. Pierre’s serves a full bar with collection of wines, beers and other drinks including innovative cocktails. Some of the innovative cocktails at Pierre are Green Flash made with Fresh lime, Raspberry, Apple Pucker, lemonade and Sprite or other cocktails like Caipirinha, Blue Sunset etc. The bar menu offers Martinis, ports and variety of Scotch, rums and cigars. The restaurant has private parking lot for vehicles and bikes. The noise level is low with a romantic and cozy ambiance. Spending an evening on the bay with cool ocean breezes, stunning sunsets, romantic ambiance and exquisite cuisine at Pierre is a memorable experience.
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