Looe Key Reef Resort and Dive Center in Ramrod

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Looe Key Reef Resort and Dive Center

(305) 872-2215
27340 Overseas Hwy, Ramrod 33042
Hours: Not Currently Available

Florida Keys attract thousands of visitors for exciting snorkeling, diving activities and other water sports. Explore the rich, lively and colorful sea life with Looe Key Dive Center. The Looe Key reef is the perfect place for snorkeling with its shallow waters and ample variety of sea life. The dive center is located at 27.5 Mile Marker on Ramrod Keys. It has been serving since 1978. It is worthy to take a trip with Looe Key to discover the best of National Marine Sanctuary. The center offers two trips every day. A trip on Kokomo Cat II is a sheer joy with its comfort and facilities like stereo sound system, on board bathroom, shower and a grill for delicious lunch, snacks and soft drinks. Kokomo Cat is a 45 feet spacious catamaran with everything you need on waters. So, you can go with expert professionals for snorkeling, diving or just to sail on the water, watch sea life and enjoy the day. Looe Key Dive Center offers different courses and certificate programs for scuba diving. The specialty courses here include fish identification course, deep diving, underwater photography, boat diving, wreck diver and other courses. Looe Key also offers boat rentals. You can hire a boat for half day, full day or up to two week. The dive center is associated with Looe Key Reef Resort and Looe Key Tiki Bar where you can get a comfortable accommodation and dining services at one place. You can enjoy various activities, events and celebrations in the resort and bar. If you love snorkeling, diving and you are sea life enthusiast, you must visit Looe Key Diving Center to explore the rich Looe Key reef and sea life there.
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