Drink Locations in Key West


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Shanna Key Irish Pub and Grill
1900 Flagler Ave., Key West
PH: (305) 295-8880
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Shimp Daddy's
908 B Kennedy Dr., Key West
PH: (305) 394-4818
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Shots & Giggles
201 Anne St., Key West
PH: (305) 414-8273
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Sloppy Joe's
201 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 294-5717
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Smallest Bar
124 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 294-8507
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Smokin' Tuna
4 Charles Street, Key West
PH: (305) 517-6350
Enjoy fresh seafood, drinks and live music at spacious Smokin' Tuna on Charles Street in Key West. Innovative fish dishes and exciting entertainment are features of Smokin' Tuna bar.
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Solo American Bistro
610 Greene St., Key West
PH: (305) 296-2033
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Southernmost Beach Cafe
1405 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 295-6550
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3820 N. Roosevelt Blvd. , Key West
PH: (305) 294-5511
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Sunset Pier
0 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 296-7701
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