Drink Locations in Key West


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Margaritaville Cafe
500 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 292-1435
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917 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 295-0111
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Pincher's Crab Shack
712 Duval St., Key West
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Purple Porpoise Pub
1045 Coppitt Rd., Key West
PH: (305) 294-2666
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Red Fish Blue Fish
407 Front St. #1, Key West
PH: (305) 295-7447
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Rick's Bar
208 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 296-5513
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Rum Bar
1117 Duval St, Key West
PH: (305) 296-2680
One of the top bars and favorites of locals as well as visitors is Rum Bar in Key West. It serves a wide variety of rums from tropical rum drinks to rum cocktails.
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1000 Atlantic Blvd., Key West
PH: (305) 292-1117
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Schooner Wharf Bar
202 William Street, Key west
PH: (305) 292-3302
Located at Singleton Shrimp factory, Schooner Wharf bar brings the combination of old and modern Key West & serves a unique blend of delicious sea food dishes, cuisine, live music and special events.
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Seņor Frogs
221 Duval St., Key West
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