Places to eat in Key West Florida

Key West has an amazing number of places to eat. Fortunately we put them all in one place for you. Be sure to click on the location name to learn more and check out their menu if available.
If you want to check out some music after you have eaten, be sure to check out our Live Music in Key West page.
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Tropical Juices and Drinks
925 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 293-6630
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830 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 293-7614
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Two Friends Patio Restaurant
512 Front St., Key West
PH: (305) 296-3124
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335 Duval St., Key West
PH: (305) 296-5770
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335 Duval St. #C, Key West
PH: (305) 296-5770
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Wing Masters
934 Truman Ave, Key West
PH: (305) 293-0750
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