Island Grill at Mandalay in Key Largo

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Island Grill at Mandalay

(305) 852-0595
80 E. 2nd St., Key Largo 33037
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If you are in Upper Keys, Mandalay Oceanfront is a wonderful spot to have lunch or dinner and view stunning oceanfront and sunset. It is situated on 80 East 2nd Street in Key Largo and famous for its beautiful oceanfront views. This grill and tiki bar is one of the oldest properties and oceanfront landmark of Key Largo since 1947. It was first established as a shack, converted to marina and now it is a restaurant with oceanfront outdoor dining deck and bar. In 1950ís famous artist Harry Sonntag made the restaurant memorable. Mandalay has been well known for crab races, Oceanside church services and exciting music. It has become a part of life for locals and tourists. You can go by road or by water to Mandalay as it provides ample parking area for vehicles as well as dockage for boats. Mandalay Oceanfront is a bar, restaurant and joint where you can relax and have a fun with delicious food, drinks and live music. The restaurant remains open on all weekdays from 11am to 10pm. It serves a wide variety of fresh seafood and other dishes. However, it is popular for mouthwatering Tuna Nachos. Some of the favorite dishes here include Mahi Mahi Sandwich, Fish Dip, Conch Fritters, and Pretzels with Nacho Cheese etc. You can bring your fresh catch and the restaurant offers cooking services to serve your favorite dishes. The bar has TVs within dining area to watch sports. It offers a wide range of beers and wines and cocktails. The bar staff is friendly and attentive. From the outdoor deck, you can view Rodriguez Key and sailboats swinging in the sea. So, enjoy cool ocean breezes, spectacular views of seawater and sunset with delicious food, drinks and live music at Mandalay Oceanfront.
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