Hurricane Hole in Stock Island

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Hurricane Hole

(305) 294-8025
5130 Overseas Hwy 1, Stock Island 33040
Hours: Not Currently Available

Referred as The Hole, Hurricane Hole is a favorite one stop fun point for tourists as well as locals. It is located on Overseas Highway in Key West. It is named Hurricane Hole because of the two lagoons situated on the property. This restaurant and bar brings unlimited fun and entertainment with its live music shows and complete marina services. You can enjoy plenty of water sports, relax and watch sun up and down on the dockside. The restaurant has indoor air conditioned dining area as well as open air outdoor dining area where you can watch charter boats and scenic side view. The unique feature of this outdoor dining area is ‘Lil Pirates’, a playground especially made for entertainment of younger children. The bar brings excellent selection of drinks. The happy hours between 4pm to 7pm offers drinks and appetizers at the discounted price. The main bar area is outside of the water and comprises four big screens for entertainment. The bar is specialized in a variety of cocktails. The bar staff is friendly and enthusiastic offering prompt services. Hurricane Hole serves freshest seafood and some of its specialties include Nachos, Macaroni and Cheese lobster, Butterfly battered Shrimp, Bruschetta and many more. Hurricane Hole offers many recreational activities such as scuba diving, fishing and other water sports. It provides Kayaks, boats, jet skis, fishing charters etc. on the rentals. It also provides magnificent selection of Riffe spear guns and accessories for diving and spearfishing. This picturesque outdoor bar is made available for private parties and other events. Plenty of water sports and activities, delicious fresh seafood, specialty cocktails, beers and drinks, comfortable indoor and outdoor area makes Hurricane Hole the perfect place for family fun.
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