Geiger Key Marina and Fish Camp Restaurant in Key West

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Geiger Key Marina and Fish Camp Restaurant

(305) 296-3553
5 Geiger Rd, Key West 33040
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Geiger Key Fish Camp restaurant is located on Geiger Road in Lower Keys and has wonderful waterfront. Earlier, it was known as Geiger Key Smokehouse and now it is famous as Geiger Key Fish Camp. The restaurant is not fancy but has simple interiors and scenic waterfront which creates comfortable and relaxing ambiance for the visitors. The restaurant is connected with Geiger Key Marina, RV Park where you can camp in the Lower Keys. The bar and deck of the restaurant are perfect locations to watch sunset and get away from crowd and noise at Mallory Square. This restaurant and bar offers great entertainment with live music and other sports like dart board, pool table and you can enjoy tournaments here. Most of the visitors come by boat to the restaurant as it is situated on the waterfront and the restaurant offers free dockage. Geiger Key offers a variety of delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the fabulous deals here is getting entrée for Sunday breakfast as you get one Mimosa free. Some of the favorites of visitors here include Fish Camp burgers with juicy ground beef and cheese, Macho Nacho Platter, Quesadillas, Keys Coconut Shrimp, Flash Fried Calamari Rings, chicken wings and many more. Geiger Key restaurant has caring and friendly staff that serves you promptly. Do not miss the barbeque BBQ dinner at Geiger Key on Sundays. It starts at 4pm. The delicious, fresh and great quality food is served at reasonable price. The shop at restaurant offers hats, T-shirts and other accessories. So, if you are going by the Lower Keys or want to stay there, Geiger Key Fish Camp is a good place to dine, relax and enjoy.
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