Ernest Hemingway House and Museum in Key West

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Ernest Hemingway House and Museum

(305) 294-1136
907 Whitehead St, Key West 33040
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Along with crystal clear, blue Atlantic waters, scenic beauty and delicious seafood, one of the most fascinating things in Key West is Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. This historic property awakes the memories of great writer Ernest Hemingway. The museum is located at 907 Whitehead Street. Ernest lived there for ten years and you can view all the things he had used there right from furniture, typewriter to book shelf and decorative pieces gathered by his wife. This two story house has excellent interiors with wooden stair railings, ultimate wooden carvings, lamps etc. One of the architectural features of Hemingway home is the luxurious in-ground swimming pool. The pool is 60 feet long, 24 feet wide and 5-10 feet deep. You would like to visit book store and gift shop run within the house. The store offers complete array of Ernestís novels, autobiography, short stories, poems and other writings. The shop also brings collection of assorted souvenirs of his lifetime and collectibles from other writers and artists. One of the shipís captains had gifted a six toed cat to Ernest Hemingway and you can still see descendants of the cat. You will find around 40-50 six towed (polydactyl) cats roaming in and around the house. The house has beautiful spacious garden around it. The lush green garden is crowded with a variety of colorful flowers and decorative plants. The entire venue is a perfect wedding location. Ernest Hemingway museum is available for wedding ceremony and day-time or evening packages are available for wedding couples. The museum remains open on all weekdays from 9am to 5pm. You will get to know many interesting things about the great writer Ernest Hemingway with enthusiast tour guide. So, if you are in Key West, do not forget to visit this historic place where you can experience the legendary personality of Ernest Hemingway.
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