Classic Harbor Line in Key West

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Classic Harbor Line

(305) 293-7245
202 William St, Key West 33040
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Are you going out for holidays in Key West? No doubt you will enjoy fresh seafood, relaxing on bay side, fishing and other water sports etc. but your tour is incomplete if you miss the great sailing experience with Classic Harbor Line in Key West. It is a sheer fun and excitement going on excursion on Atlantic waters and enjoying cool oceanic breezes. Classic Harbor Line is located on 202, William Street in Key West. It is a boutique tour operator services with its comfortable and stylish vessels, sailboats, cruises and charters. You can take sailboat ride in daytime, in evening to watch stunning sunset or at night to experience magical moonlight sailing. The two hours sailboat ride is a magnificent and pleasing experience. Classic Harbor Line offers different options to choose your sail ride. It offers special rides and event ceremonies like Wrecker’s Race, Valentine Day, Light boat parade, New Year’s Eve Special etc. The Wrecker’s race is arranged once in a month wherein you can enjoy the excitement aboard the Schooner America 2.0. The Light Boat Parade is a three hours sailing adventure. In this annual event you can sail on majestic America 2.0. For this annual event, all vessels are stunningly decorated and it’s a great entertainment watching light boat parade. The New Year Eve is a dockside late night celebration. The Valentine day here is a special sunset sail and you can sail on Schooner America 2.0 with your loved one and celebrate the evening. All these exciting sail rides explore wildlife and you can watch Dolphins, water birds and sea turtles. So, if you are in Key West, book your sail ride with Classic Harbor Line and have an exciting sail ride on Atlantic waters.
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