Chart Room in Key West

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Chart Room

1 Duval St, Key West 33040
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Chart Room Bar is one of the oldest and top bars in Key West. It is located on Duval Street and surrounded by luxury resort Pier House. So, it is difficult to find the bar if you do not know about it and that is why; the bar offers excellent serenity. The bar has built in 1960 and still stands on the same spot. The resort was built around it as per contract and now the bar is trapped within the luxury resort. The bar has wonderful wooden decoration and photos of famous personalities like Jimmy Buffett, Tennessee Williams etc. who visited the bar are pinned to the wall. Chart Room Bar was favorite bar of Jimmy Buffett and many of his Key West related songs were first tested on Chart Room Bar audience. Being one of the oldest bars in Key West, it is featured with local history and memories related to it. The simple but cozy ambiance is one of the features of the bar. You will definitely enjoy the walk through lush green pathways approaching the bar. The bar remains open every day on 4.30pm to 2am and you will served by welcoming bartender. The bar is popular for its freebies and free peanuts, popcorn and hot dogs are still served. The bar offers wide variety of drinks. It is still popular in locals, visitors and musicians. If you are visiting Key West and want to stay away from crowd, you must visit this hidden bar and you will definitely love to visit the bar again and again.
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