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Caribbean Club

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(305) 451-4466
104100 Overseas Highway, Key Largo 33037
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Located on the Overseas Highway, Caribbean Club is a world famous bar on the waterfront. It is a favorite dive in bar of locals as well as tourists for several reasons. The Club has a historical background and one of the oldest bars in town. It is popular for the memorabilia of well-known movie ‘Key Largo’ by Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. You can take your snapshots with their cutouts. The bar has spacious outdoor sitting arrangement as well as a full bar inside. You can go by land or water to the bar. It has wonderful waterfront and a dock to park the boats. The first establishment on the place was in 1938 by Carl Fisher. It was just a bar, and a small hotel. Over time, it had undergone many changes and in 1963, Ruth and Lefty Whitehurst bought the property and it became Caribbean Club. The most fascinating feature of the bar is a live music entertainment. You can enjoy live music shows on Thursday to Sunday nights. The Monday nights are movie nights. You can enjoy Trivia and Karaoke on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So, there is full entertainment on all weekdays. There are TV screens in indoor bar for entertainment. The bar offers daily Happy Hours between 4pm to 6pm. It serves variety of beers, wines and other drinks like Pina colada, Vodka, rum etc. The bar staff is friendly and attentive. Caribbean Club is dog friendly. It is a cash bar but you can avail ATM facility just outside the bar. So, if you are in Keys and want a hangout, Caribbean Club is the best place to have your favorite drinks with live entertainment and fun.
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