Boondocks Grille and Draft House and Miniature Golf in Ramrod Key

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Boondocks Grille and Draft House and Miniature Golf

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(305) 872-4094
27205 Overseas Hwy, Ramrod Key 33042
Hours: Not Currently Available

If you want to have great fun, entertainment and food to enjoy your holidays in Keys, Boondock’s Mini Golf is one of the places you are looking for. Especially, if you love playing golf, you must not miss this place. Located at Overseas Highway, Ramrod Key, Boondock’s has beautiful and specious area for restaurant and a miniature golf course. It is the best place to meet, chat, eat, drink, play and enjoy the hangout. Boondock’s Grille & Draft House is near the golf course. It is one of the best family restaurants from Keys where there is something for everyone from kids to seniors. There is thatched roof and hut style open air bar and restaurant area. The small miniature golf course is at the left side of the restaurant. The restaurant has casual and pleasing ambiance with wooden interiors. The restaurant and bar has TV sets for entertainment of sports lovers. Boondock’s restaurant offers large menu loaded with delicious dishes. So, you can play golf and enjoy delicious food with drinks. The ‘You Pick Two Lunch Combo’ offer is superb option for delicious lunch at Boondock’s. For dinner, you can enjoy live music entertainment with local bands, musicians along with awesome food and drinks. Boondock’s offers full bar with collection of beers, wines, champagnes, cocktails and other drinks. The beautiful miniature golf and restaurant area is also made available for private parties. You can check party packages to celebrate a memorable event at this miniature golf course. So, if you are a golf player, golf enthusiast or want to enjoy golf with your kids and family, Boondock’s Mini Golf and restaurant is a perfect place to have a fun and entertainment with sumptuous food and drinks and make your Key’s holidays memorable.
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The Happy Dog
11/18/2018 06:00pm
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Terry Cassidy and Friends
11/19/2018 06:00pm
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11/20/2018 07:00pm
Category Image
11/20/2018 06:00pm
Category Image
Glenn Harman Duo
11/21/2018 07:00pm
Category Image
Trivia Night
11/21/2018 07:00pm
Category Image
Terry & Gary
11/22/2018 07:00pm
Category Image
Michaels Rock”n soul Band
11/23/2018 07:00pm
Category Image
Howie and The MM24 Band
11/24/2018 07:00pm

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