Audubon House Gallery of Natural History in Key West

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Audubon House Gallery of Natural History

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(305) 294-2116
205 Whitehead St., Key West 33040
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If you are visiting Key West, you would definitely like to visit the royal property Audubon House Museum and Tropical Gardens, the wealth of Key West. This property was owned by one of the wealthiest families in Key West, Geiger family. The house was constructed by captain J H Geiger and catches sight with its elegant furnishings and comfort. It is located in prime area of downtown at the corner of Whitehead Street and Greene Street. After the horrible hurricane in 1846 which destroyed all properties in Key West, the construction of the house began and lasted for three years. Geiger family lived in this house for 110 years and in 1958, the house was censured for demolition. But Wolfson family stepped ahead to renovate the property to preserve the historic monuments and memories of great artist Audubon who had visited this property in 1832. Around 22 of the 435 original bird paintings by Audubon were from his Florida visits. Today, you can see paintings, many artistic and antique articles in this museum. The museum exhibits the elegance and comfort of the property in mid 19s century in Key West. The visit to Audubon House Museum and Tropical Garden begins with introduction and history of the property by knowledgeable and friendly guide. Once you get acquainted with the history and property, you are free to explore it. The spacious house and around one acre garden area discover the heritage of Key West. The house remains open on all weekdays for visitors. The store here offers unique artistic mementos and gift articles. The museum is a nice venue for wedding and other events. It is made available for wedding ceremonies and other events. You will definitely love to explore rich heritage of Key West visiting Audubon House.
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